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At what point would you say Kubernetes is worth the investment for an organization?


Thats up to the organization and what services they want to provide. K8s can be expensive if it's not done right - especially if you don't have people that are knowledgeable about k8s already.

K8s is easy to install and works with but once you dig deeper its much more complex than you can imagine but it works really good. I think most of the time spent is automating things because if you do one offs and don't either document it, there is really no point of having k8s just because its such a large orchestration tool.

Now say you have 40-50 docker containers that are currently running on xyz, I think even with 10-15 containers and small k8s cluster would be a worth an investment. For an example, say you are running 2 wordpress sites, sure all of that can be containerized, but do you really need k8s to do all of that? No! But what if you are a company that wants to expand from 2 wordpress sites and is providing some wordpress hosting?

That is where k8s could come great to play because you can duplicate things very easly and do canary deploys with 0 downtime.

All in all, if you have not many applications to containerize it, by the time you learn k8s and work with it full on mode, it might not be worth it. As said above, I seen people run k8s cluster for 1 wordpress site. Why? I don't know! Because its cool? Ok..

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