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re: Thank you Ankush! I didn't know about Vibora, there are so many web frameworks in Python that's hard to keep track :) I checked it a little bit. A...

Thanks for the mention, @rhymes ! Agreed with everything you said.

What unpleasant surprises lie in wait for the unsuspecting enthusiastic developer should he choose to adopt one of these frameworks?

You will most likely encounter a lack of libraries, because async is all-in. This means we kind of have to rewrite everything again (I say "kind of", because a lot of times an async wrapper of the sync library can do the job pretty well). It can be frustrating at first to have to update your library stack, but on the other hand I find getting involved and contributing to the task quite exciting.

FWIW, I wrote a small paragraph about finding async libraries in the Bocadillo docs.


Thanks for the response! Appreciate your spending time to contribute here! :)

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