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re: IMHO, web designers can be graphic artists/designers. Many companies think that web designers are also developers - but not. Had I not been brought...

Sadly that's very common. Think as a full stack developer. Small and medium companies won't afford specialized profiles to be competitive. They will look for multidisciplinary people who can wear as many hats as possible.

But that's not something new, just check a job board of smaller cities around the world.

Small city = smaller accounts = low budget projects = multi-hat madness.

I'm not defending it, but I understand the reason behind some of those companies.

If you like, I can show you the job board where I live. Jobs are literally scarce, and the few ones... Oh my! the fun reading the requirements!


Do you speak Spanish? If so, look for jobs at domestika in Granada. If you don't, I'll translate the good ones!

I wish I was taught to speak in spanish by my grandmother. Translate one please!

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