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re: Hey fluffy. That sucks. I am not going to offer empathy or sympathy because they don't really help much. I look for things that help: My suggesti...

While it would be great if it were as simple as me starting a company and paying someone else to do the things I can't, that requires a lot more money than what I have, a product idea that would generate revenue that attracts investors, and a completely different set of skills than what I'm good at.


Not paying someone. A partner, co-founder. It is pretty easy (relatively) to raise money with some kind of startup. There is wealth of VC/big tech/gov/crypto funding from Seattle to San Diego.

The co-founder is supposed to have the other skillset you need.

It's unfair when your options are cut off while looking around to see lack of gratitude/waste/easy options for others. It is frustrating & demoralizing but it is that way.

I prefer to direct anger into the thing I need to achieve than be defeated which makes it a lot harder.

This option is the one that allows: work anywhere/any time/on your terms while filling the gaps where you can't. Not many other things work like that (freelance/jobs etc).

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