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flyingsonu122 profile image Sonu kumar kushwaha ・1 min read

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest 2020

I am new to open source and learning programming and new technology.
I have made various projects which are hosted on Github.

This year I have participated in hacktoberfest and contributed to many open source projects.

  1. First of all, check the repos with hacktoberfest topics
  2. check issues and contributing guidelines
  3. ask maintainers to work on a particular issue
  4. solve the issue and open a PR
  5. Do not spam.

that's it.

Projects on which I contributed

See here

and many more ...

Contribute to one of my projects

add some more Diwali Wishes in db.json file #1

  • add more Diwali Wishes in db.json file

  • please do not repeat the same Wish again

  • submit your pull request

Happy Hacking 🎉

It was really a good experience; I learnt a lot of new things
in open source from Hacktoberfest.

Thank you

Sonu kumar kushwaha

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