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Hello! Fellow self-learner here. Nice to see someone especially those who are on the way to the professional field making some content. My story is kind of the same: in the Philippines, and the tech industry is kinda small (and a bit delayed too), focused on the cities, so there's not much aside from college, books, internet, and a few immersive stuff on the internet. I also have some self-applied pressure through a blog so that I can keep myself some progress related to it and held a very few number of people in the world accountable to whatever I do.

Alright, that's a lot of stuff I've written already. I just want to say I'm happy (and more confirmed to whatever I'm doing) to see a fellow learner doing some stuff. I'm having second thoughts whether a blog is a good idea before since I always tend to think that blogs are mostly from the professional (stupid thought, I know) but now I thought of it as a tool/booster for learning. 😁

I wish you good luck, fellow self-learner! πŸ˜„β˜•


The talent will show from all over the world, let's show the world what can we do! :)

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