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First of all, thank you for this thread! 😁

I would really be glad for feedback and suggestions on my portfolio. It is actually my first application on using Vue (and to front-end frameworks, overall) so I'm pretty sure that's there a lot of room for improvement.


For sure, I love Vue! I like the fun facts, definitely different -- maybe make them about yourself since it's your site? I may make the image a little bigger so it's clearer too. I would add a background to the about so you don't need the text shadow. You may want to add pictures for your projects to draw people to view them! Cool site! Also props on the navigation --very clear and easy to figure out


Thanks for the feedback, Ali! I'll consider them for the improvement of the portfolio.

Now that I think about it, it would make more sense if I make the fun facts about myself (and the dogs 🐶, hehehe).

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