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Well, I would say build some projects or simply try to do things without tutorials. Don't get me wrong, tutorials are good and all. They introduce you to something new or something that you don't know but usually, they tend to be handholding and does not leave much of room for errors.

Building projects is a completely different experience and can make you all-out on learning stuff. It also makes you handle errors and problems that you encounter along the way which can really define you as a programmer.

Like what @junior_seri have said, it is important to not let yourself stay on the tutorial purgatory. While at it, there's a post on dev.to that tackles this, it can be useful to know things from other people's perspective, too. 🙂

This is all some words from someone who's programming for almost a year so like what others have said, take it with a teaspoon of salt. Good luck on your journey, developer!


Thank you, Gabriel for sharing your opinion. Helps me a great deal. :)

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