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At least you are able to participate at least one Google Code-in. I just discovered about RIGHT after I entered college. 😣

Anyways, I know this has been discussed more than I can count but what is your personal advice for participating to OSS projects? Also, how's your experience contributing to OSS projects?

(Also, could you hit me up if you find similar contests to Google Code-in, too? πŸ˜‹)


Aren't you participating in Google Summer Of Code?


Never heard of that before. Thanks for recommending me this! 😁 I'll try to look into it.


First question
My advice would be that people interested in contributing to OSS should choose projects that make them feel comfortable but that represent a challenge too.

For example, I started contributing to Oppia, because I think it's beginner friendly, but to start contributing I had to 'learn' Python and learn all the process to contribute to OSS. I felt comfortable but there was learning too.

In other words, don't make it neither so hard nor easy for you.

Second question
My experience contributing to OSS has been great, I've learned a lot and makes me feel great knowing that someone else is actually using something that I helped to make. Also I got opportunities (I will post something about it soon)

Last question

I agree with:

Aren't you participating in Google Summer Of Code?

You should participate in Google Summer Of Code. I hope to participate next year, even being a freshman.

Also, I suggest the nodejs mentorship program. It isn't a contest, but you have a mentor that helps you contributing to the nodejs foundation. There are a few mentors but if you know english you can get one sooner. I am looking for a spanish mentor, but if it takes to much, I think I will try for an english mentor.


Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, man. Really appreciate it! πŸ™‚ I'll keep those points in mind when entering for GSoC.

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