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Heyo! I'm taking a project break after trying to constantly trying to make a project monthly for about a year now ever since I started to program. Don't get me wrong, side projects are still the best way of learning IMO but I'm spreading myself very thin here (or maybe I'm not tackling the right challenges 🤔).

Anyways, I'm learning how to efficiently design systematic programs with How to Design Programs. I think it's one of my weakest points and I want to invest a month learning about it! Feel free to give me any advice about it. I appreciate it very much!

Also, hello newcomers! 👋


Hey there! Fellow newcomer here. Sounds like we have a very similar mindset for working. I'm trying to teach myself how to use Unity before my dissertation project at university. How do you think is the best way to work? Do you set yourself hard deadlines at the end of each month or do you give yourself leniency on the projects to enjoy? :)


Personally, it's a bit of a both: I give myself hard deadlines and I'm kinda relaxed at the process to give myself joy in creating the project. I mean why not, the last thing I want to have in my side-project creation journey is absolute frustration. XD

If I didn't able to make it through the deadline, then I just contemplate and self-reflect on the development process, take notes on what I did wrong, write the solution, then try to apply it in the next project. Tbh, I rarely apply the solution since there are unique obstacles in each side-project. Though, it might be because the side projects I'm doing are vastly different each time or it could be my inexperience dealing with things but at least I could reference my notes for future (maybe similar) projects.

Do this, do that. Rinse and repeat. Hope this could help you. :)

EDIT: And welcome to dev.to btw. Hope you enjoy your stay!

Sounds like a very sensible approach to me!

Thanks for the advice :)

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