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re: Hey there! Fellow newcomer here. Sounds like we have a very similar mindset for working. I'm trying to teach myself how to use Unity before my diss...

Personally, it's a bit of a both: I give myself hard deadlines and I'm kinda relaxed at the process to give myself joy in creating the project. I mean why not, the last thing I want to have in my side-project creation journey is absolute frustration. XD

If I didn't able to make it through the deadline, then I just contemplate and self-reflect on the development process, take notes on what I did wrong, write the solution, then try to apply it in the next project. Tbh, I rarely apply the solution since there are unique obstacles in each side-project. Though, it might be because the side projects I'm doing are vastly different each time or it could be my inexperience dealing with things but at least I could reference my notes for future (maybe similar) projects.

Do this, do that. Rinse and repeat. Hope this could help you. :)

EDIT: And welcome to dev.to btw. Hope you enjoy your stay!

Sounds like a very sensible approach to me!

Thanks for the advice :)

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