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I used to be Ubuntu and Manjaro guy but recently I have a new pair of favorites: Debian and Arch Linux.

Debian for its stability and slow change and Arch Linux for the on-edge maintenance of its software and the level of customization that is just right (at least for me). Arch Linux also helped me understand parts of Linux to the point I can investigate the problem head-on instead of nuking and reinstalling the OS bc I was that clueless and stupid as to what is going on (big thanks for the Arch Wiki).


We had a new employee and he chose Debian. I seriously haven't considered this option before, but now I want to try it. Arch linux is great, the wiki is a very good reference whatever distro you use.


Debian is great especially with the amount of support you'll be getting of 5 years and with the slow change, I can manage software easily and it's the reason why I love it as a dev environment. :D

Yeah, Arch Wiki rocks! Can apply it for other distros (including Debian) and their documentation for other programs is on par (or even more excellent) with the official docs of the subject program. No wonder it's been loved by the whole Linux community.

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