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Woah! The educational pack just got hotter this year! Quite nice though I may not be able to take advantage of them all. :D

My favorite deals are from Sendgrid, Jetbrains, Microsoft Azure, Stripe, and Algolia. Those are some very helpful deals to get started on running some apps (and maybe some money if you want to run a business while at it).

What interest me as a student is the reasoning behind the amount of free stuff companies are able to put out for students (aside from positive publicity, of course ;) ).


Thanks for sharing your favs!

The publicity is nice, but it's also an investment in the future of the tech industry. Any company is only as good as the people working for it, and for tech companies, this of course includes many software developers.

Good software developers available for hire are getting much scarcer. There are many reasons for this, including not enough women/minorities in STEM, predatory coding "bootcamps", and stoic teaching methodologies.

At the end of the day, companies like the members of the Pack making this investment into the students of today — who will be the developers of tomorrow — may benefit from this investment by hiring the talented software developers it produces.

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