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Freebies Hunt - my personal list of free and open resources

Gabriel Arazas on March 31, 2019

TL;DR I launched Freebies Hunt, a website that lists out free and open source tools for design, general programming, music, game dev't, open educa... [Read Full]
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Great collection, nice job!

I like to suggest two links to this category:


Holy crap! TiddlyWiki may be my Web notebook of my dreams! Thank you very much for sharing these with me! 😁

I'll try them out later and see if they deserve to be on the list, hahaha. 😂


The website looks awesome! Loved the list of productivity tools in particular. Thanks for sharing!


That's pretty good to hear (considering I'm not good with designs myself 😅)! Glad you liked it. :)


Awesome idea. I have yet to find a good service for storing useful resources that I can share with others. Making your own site seems like the best way.


You can count on Github for it. :p

(Though I think you mean a full-on service.)


Yeah, a full-on service. It'd be cool for it to integrate and store the data in GitHub though.

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