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re: Sweet setup! I'm still new to Wordpress actually, do you have a Docker container for each Wordpress project you have or are they all on the same an...


Yes, I have a Docker container for every project. My Docker workspace (including everything) is 3.2G, and my WordPress workspace takes up 2.2G of that. So, it doesn't take up much space.

That's actually not that bad, I'll give it a shot. Thanks!

Quick question if you don't mind, do you use a tool in particular when you mount your directories to the container, or do you just use the -v command ?

I use docker-compose which allows you to set up docker container configurations in a docker-compose.yml file. Volume mounting is described in the docker-compose file documentation.

It's an alternative to using the base docker command and using -v every time. I don't like having to remember what options I used for a custom docker container, so for me, slapping it into a config file and running docker-compose up or docker-compose down is a huge benefit.

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