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Hello there,

Quite a few folks have brought some information to your attention to indicate that what you're claiming is incorrect, and you've given some responses that are rather unsavory.

I suggest reviewing the Dev.to Code of Conduct.

With regard to the post itself: I think that something constructive could be salvaged from it, if it were sufficiently reworded.

I worked with PHP for about six years, and agree that older versions of PHP are flawed, in the sense that there are no strict safeguards when it comes to common bugs that sneak into code bases. These issues are logic based and definitely more frequent when one is learning a language. However, the language is still very popular and being improved consistently. That includes the frameworks that senior engineers are developing and using, in order to mitigate the human error that is inherent in our field. Frameworks are incredibly powerful tools. They allow us to maintain consistent standards. They do this by raising the overall quality of systems while lowering the overheard of developing and maintaining a completely in-house architecture.

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