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re: Is PHP Dying? VIEW POST

  1. I haven't used PHP in nearly 2 years, with a total of about 6 years of PHP experience, with a focus on custom WordPress themes and plugins.
  2. I would recommend someone learn PHP as an introductory language, if they've never touched a backend language before. The amount of work to get up and running with a PHP server is similar to that of Python or Node.js. The low barrier to entry can be very useful for ramping up knowledge quickly.
  3. Due to how old and widespread PHP is, much like Java applets, it's not going anywhere soon. It isn't particularly riveting work to support legacy systems with potentially outdated and broken versions of web languages. So until those legacy systems get completely re-written with a new stack, they'll keep trucking along. PHP has a niche market with WordPress, Drupal, and similar MVC blog frameworks, because they're popular and already have a large community surrounding them. The problems they solve have been fixed for a long time, so there's no reason to re-invent the wheel.

I stopped working with PHP and WordPress, because the work I was doing wasn't fulfilling. I didn't enjoy fighting with the sometimes contradictory standards set by the PHP maintainers, but that doesn't mean that the language didn't work. I just lost interest in that niche market. When I tapped out i'm sure thousands more jumped in, so have no fear, PHP is here and here to stay.

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