re: I’m sorry, but this “Full Stack” meme makes me really mad/sad VIEW POST

re: It's a little tongue in cheek, but not insulting. Either way you get the whole horse, just one part is a little less detail oriented. It's the same...

one part is a little less detail oriented.

Unfortunately, that almost always means the front end takes the fall. And with a 97% rate of failure for WCAG implementation, that's not a "little less detail".


Indeed, that matches my experience as an actual front end developer.

And most full stack developers I know are actually backend with a smattering of experience working with specific front end frameworks or UI libraries. Nowadays, of course, this type of developer often prefers tools like React, which lets them fool themselves that they're doing front end development in a more pure and highbrow way, like True Engineers.

It's not a bad tool: nothing is all bad or all good. The extent to which it's overrated, because it is, is driven by several factors including a naive reaction against pillars of the web platform, such as low barriers to entry for users, designers, and developers. Accessibility for all. Graceful degradation.

Historically, of course, client side development of web UIs WASN'T much like traditional software engineering. That was a strength as much as, admittedly, a weakness. I fear that we've gone too far in the other direction now, though.

Over the last several years, I've seen too much completely unnecessary complexity and smug exclusionary behavior. Too much sabotage of reach and user experience. Too much completely unwarranted abuse of potential mentors and peers. I suspect it won't be corrected anywhere near Silicon Valley.

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