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Physical health:

  • morning lifting Mon/Tues and Thur/Fri (rest day in between and on weekends) with yoga in the morning on Saturday has become an absolute must in my weekly routine
  • macro counting food intake (although I don't do this as often anymore since my diet is pretty stable)
  • meal prep helps control what protein/carb/fat I'm taking in when I need it

Mental health:

  • cooking/preparing meals is super relaxing and interesting to get into; it's also something I've been trying to get better at and fits in with my meal prep needs
  • reading books for about 30 mins a day - it really helps me to just let everything else go and focus on the book (fiction or non-fiction); I typically read the majority in the morning but then include 10 or so minutes before bed as part of my "power down" routine
  • writing and refining a short story I've been very gradually putting together over the past decade but this is only when I really feel like it


  • I'd like to get into some more physical projects and work with my hands; the r/DIY makes me want to make all of the cool little widgets and things people build there
  • I live in Philly and we have the famous boat house row and I'd like to get into rowing at one of the clubs at some point
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