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Great piece! I currently have the opportunity to join a freelance developer management group and I'm very interested in it. One of the drawbacks for me I feel could be the lack of direct contact with a team as I'm onboarding. Personally, I would prefer to have teammates within arm's reach for the first few months so that I can more quickly get over the "team dynamic" learning curve - did you experience anything like this?


Thank you!

Yes, a little bit. I would say there is indeed a bigger chance of feeling less comofortable talking to some of your teammates more than others. But I would also say exactly one meeting for 1-3 days is more than enough to kill most of those thoughts and feelings. For me it was not about knowing who they are as full blown personalities. It was rather a moment of "aha! They sound totally different than I thought, my judgement was flawed" kinda thing. The first meeting had the biggest impact on how well I got with people. Following meetings were fun but not as necessary.

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