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Discussion on: Introducing: Camel Spotting

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John Forstmeier Author

Sure thing!

So (I just double-checked the integrations README) and it has this:

Subscribe to an Organization or a Repository On repositories, the app notifies of open, close, and re-open events on pull requests and issues in repositories you've subscribed to. It also notifies of any push directly to the repository's default branch as well as comments on issues and pull requests.

What the app doesn't have is the ability to notify when you move issue cards around on the Projects Board - here's an example of that:

Heupr Projects board example

So, in this case, Camel Spotting would alert you if I moved the #17 issue ("Implement unit tests for worker") from the "Ideas" column to the "To Do" column. I'm sure stuff like this is out there, but I wanted to whip up something of my own!

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Ben Halpern

Ah cool. It’s also a library on which you could build other niceties as you saw fit. Kind of like an “enhancement-suite”.