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John Forstmeier

I kept it simple and opened a PR to add the dev.to FontAwesome icon to my personal website Hugo theme.

shenoybr / hugo-goa

Simple Minimalistic Theme for Hugo


Goa is a clean, simple and minimalist theme for blogs and personal websites.

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You can find the demo site in action here and the source here.


From the root of your blog:

mkdir -p themes
cd themes
git clone https://github.com/shenoybr/hugo-goa

Content creation

Creating a post

To create a new page or post:

hugo new about.md


hugo new posts/first.md

You can now go ahead an edit the newly created file under the content directory. Once you are finished editing, to have hugo generate the page, set draft = false in the articles front matter.

Organizing pages

The above example demonstrates how to create a pages and posts. Hugo automatically applies the list templates for a directory of pages/posts, which works well for blogs and posts. However, you may want at times want to override this behavior and create a standalone page (like an about page or…