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Heupr Is Now Open Source!

John Forstmeier
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Hi, everyone!

A while back, Mike and I decided to make Heupr open source and we're super excited to share what we've been building with you. So without any further ado, here's Heupr!

These are the four repositories that will make up the project.

  • heupr/core: the current functional codebase for the platform and can be deployed for use; there's still lots of room for refactoring, code improvement, and feature creation
  • heupr/heupr: an incomplete rewrite of the heupr/core repo and will serve as a platform for new internal architectural tweaks and designs; I'm considering turning this into a branch off of heupr/core
  • heupr/docs: project README and Wiki references are stored here; we might ultimately combine this with the heupr/core repo going forward
  • heupr/ will host the new static landing page

Right now, we're looking to build out the community so anyone interested in Golang and machine learning, come check it out! There's lots of potential to get involved in data junkies developing new features, architects improving the platform design, or even frontend devs looking to build a better website. Some other fun "wish list" stuff we may choose to work on could include a desktop app, GitHub Milestone management, a Slack bot, and more.

There are a handful of open issues on heupr/core and heupr/ and Mike and I can edit/break them down for anyone interested in tackling them.

Additionally, we're still accepting a capped number of signups to our existing, publicly hosted instance of Heupr. We'll be maintaining it as a thank you to our previous early users and we're opening a fixed number on top of that on a first come, first serve basis. If there's additional interest, please add your name to the waitlist and if there's enough call for it, we'll offer another hosted instance on a subscription basis.

Feel free to respond to this post or reach out to us at if you have any questions or comments!

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John Forstmeier Author

Thanks! Right now the heupr/core is functional with a couple features like issue assignment and labeling and heupr/heupr is being used to test out the "if-this-then-that"-style design.