What's Your Most Common Linting/Building Error?

forstmeier profile image John Forstmeier Updated on ・1 min read

I pretty constantly run go test and golint on my code as I'm writing it and I always, always, always, hit this error...

function must be invoked in go statement

...because I always forget the () at the end of the statement.

I've made this mistake many, many times, and I'll make it many, many more because my brain refuses to learn from this one...constant...mistake. Do you have any small errors/warnings/etc that you constantly run into when building your code?


EDIT: I'd love to see the errors in text blocks or something - it really puts a "face" to the name. : )


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Unused import in file ... line ...

Writing Typescript :)


Calling a static method in a non-static invocation in PHP.


When I'm programming in C I always get that warning about implicit function declaration... Sigh


Try to perform operations with undefined attributes