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I have received a budget from the company I work at to go towards my education. I have decided to learn either Vue, React or Angular of which Vue has my preference because I have read that it has a less steep learn curve. My main reason to learn a JS framework is to be able to make single page applications.

Egghead, Udemy or something else?

My question is: where should I spend this budget? Is a website like Egghead.io worth the money? Does those courses go deep enough or should I buy some courses on Udemy?

All help welcome!

All tips are welcome, I am not limited to these two ways of learning so if you have a suggestion: please comment!

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I can suggest you the course by Maximilian Schwarzmuller on Udemy: udemy.com/vuejs-2-the-complete-guide/

Warning: it's huge 😄


Try the manual/official documentation first, all 3 frameworks are well documented, and if you know a thing or two about JS, templates and computer science in general should be more then enough.

Also you may find good free youtube lessons (react especially and I have found the last month a good Angular 6 few hours course).

Udemy is more about quantity then quality, but all things being 10$ its worth it (is harder to find good ones, but they exists). I have found 50hours + courses for 10$, lifetime access, you can't beat that.

Later edit:
But ... Udemy has the worst tactics, highest tax and pirated content.


I learned VueJS with this course and I can recommend it to others: udemy.com/vuejs-2-the-complete-guide/ - the authors also has a good intro to SPA and PWA applications.

I can't say if one of the two platforms is better than the other. Maybe you should pick and choose the courses you're interested in.

I totally recommend Vue, I love it and it fits in my head. Some people swear by React but my relationship with it is like with some bands you listen to or some cities you visit because everybody told you they are awesome and worth it and then... you just don't feel in tune with them :D They are perfectly fine but you don't see yourself head banging at the band's music or dreaming to move to the city.

Whatever fits your brain and doesn't leave you stranded in the market it's the right choice.


I use and love pluralsight.

10/10 would recommend.

There a fewer courses (although still plenty) but the content is of much higher quality that udemy IMO. i’m Sure good udemy courses are out there but they get lost.


I have an Egghead account and it's really good.

Don't know if the Vue courses are good, but the React stuff is really on point. But I wouldn't recommend learning Vue anyway, haha.


how is it? I want to get its subscription but it is way out of my budget. :p


Udemy has been a life saver. But really take time to read the individual teachers reviews. Most are exceptional but there are some differences in teaching styles. My fav teacher is really fast paced and jumps all over the place but is very thorough and has an extremely upbeat and encouraging attitude. See if they have a free trial or free vid.


I agree. There are good courses on Udemy but they are slightly harder to find. What works for me is I find some people whose teaching I understand on YouTube. Then I only look for their courses on Udemy since I can definitely understand what they teach. Maybe this approach can help finding great courses 😊.


I'm sure it varies by topic and instructor, but the courses I've taken on Udemy have been in-depth and easy to follow. I'm working through The Complete Node.js Developer Course there now and learning a lot! One thing to keep in mind is that they have sales all the time, so if the course you want is more than $10-20, you may be able to save money by waiting a few days.

I had never heard of egghead before, but that looks great for when you're short on time or don't necessarily want a comprehensive curriculum. I may try it out!


Laracasts has a free Vue introduction course which was immensely helpful. The author does a really great job of pacing the material, and relating it to real-world scenarios.

Laracasts has a huge library of courses, and at a reasonable price, but I have only checked out the free courses to be honest!

Pluralsight is my go-to subscription for continuing education in the tech space. It's on the expensive side, but the sheer amount of topics covered is awesome. They have courses for everything, quizzes at the end of each section, and ways to connect with mentors to help you if you get stuck (for a fee). I would just suggest you find out if they have the courses you're interested in before signing up!


I would recommend Pluralsight and avoiding Udemy. Udemy has a piracy problem. See troyhunt.com/the-piracy-paradox-at....


I'm subscribed to both Egghead and Frontendmasters and it's really worth your money.

At frontendmasters.com there are at the moment two courses on Vue one advanced course by Evan You and one introduction to Vue by Sarah Drasner.


The problem with these kind of platforms are the quality of the content: it depends on the instructor of the specific course. I've found great courses thanks to great instructors (loved the way Kevin Skoglund of Lynda explained things when I was beggining PHP) but felt dissapointed by some others (hated a lot of Udemy self-proclaimed "full stack web developer rising star ninja universe conquerors").

Right know, I'm learning Vue.js and the really best resource is the official documentation, it's really well structured and easy to understand. Of course, there are some other resources online that could help a lot, but I will start at the documentation.


I think egghead is good but it has only structural definitions of the problem. They use methodology 'do it' which is good but if someone has lack of theoretical knowledge I think better platform is Pluralsight or Linkedin Learning.

Pluralsight is nice visually, Linkedin Learning has ability to highlighted author's transcript to better understanding problem.

I strongly recommend FrontEndMasters and Will Sentance's courses. He is the best teacher I've ever seen online. He is smart in his concepts and the way he shows knowledge is so interactive. He uses a whiteboard and he draws a problematic topics there.


I have never received budget for my training, nevertheless I have subscribed to egghead, pluralsight and Udemy, only the first two are expensive if you subscribe for a year.

So far Udemy is the best, in depth courses, refund options, enhanced video player, community questions, most importantly many authors update their projects. If you are buying on your company behalf they may have a $200 referral.

I have learnt from free sources like blogs, github issues, documentation, etc.


I recommend to you egghead.io courses, they are brief, so you can save time, also tylermcginnis.com courses are very good.


If you want to learn React. udemy.com have some great tutorials but I think particularly learning to React from tylermcginnis.com/courses/ is one of the good choices. Thanks


I've bought some courses on Udemy and I have mixed feelings about them. It really depends on the teacher.
However, I've been hearing good things about Pluralsight. Maybe that's another option?


For me is:

and Udacity react nanodegree

in your case(given you have the budget)

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