Suggestion for a (maybe not to much) newbie

Francesco Clemente on August 16, 2017

Hello everybody, I'm Francesco and I'm a 21 yo Italian computer engineering student. I'm studying C for 3 years and now I'm in love with Linux. ... [Read Full]
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Vim and Git both have a very steep learning curve. In addition to that, they are powerful tools so they can each do a lot and it's hard for tutorials to cover "just the basics."

So my main advice would be to try to not get to into the weeds with either. Really just try to do the following:

get to basic Notepad functionality. So: Open, edit, close, search, replace. Repeat.

make a folder
create a local repository (git init)
create a file
add the file to git
make some changes
commit the changes
roll back the changes

In other words, you're at the "wax on, wax off" stage of training. These tasks are mundane, but they pay off in the end. You can't run until you walk.


I got the basics.
I made also a little vimrc with the configs I need (I you would like to give suggestions, you could find it on my GitHub).
The same for git: add, commit, push and something about branches.

Now I'd like to get more and go in the right way to just use these tools and leave others.


I just had to go over a Youtube playlist on Git/Github from The Net Ninja. I don't see anything by him for Vim but his others are excellent. Give this one a shot:


Thanks, I'll give him a try.

At the moment I decided to write an Italian tutorial by myself on the way it's presented on

This idea became because I wasn't able to find a tutorial which satisfied me, so I decided to write my own and to share with others.

If you understand Italian and you want to give a look

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