Blogging Ideas for 2020

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So, 2020 is here. Happy updated-copyright-notice! While I need to republish my website because of just that, why not think about what to write in the new year? Here are some ideas of what I may spent an article on:

  • Adobe Analytics. Obvious choice, topics may be:
    • Starting tips, explanations and tutorials. Give some definitions and examples for people starting with Adobe Analytics, explaining Dimensions and Metrics, props vs. eVars, interfaces, etc.
    • Use case examples. Show how to analyze the user journey in Analytics and what to consider.
    • Integration examples. Talk about how to integrate Analytics to get the most value with some Open Source tools for Realtime and Big Data stuff or Classifications.
    • Admin tasks. User management considerations, setting up different things.
    • Analytics analytics. Monitoring your adoption by looking at Analytics logfiles.
    • Expert level stuff. Get into details about how props and eVars work internally, how time spent is calculated, etc.
  • Adobe Experience Cloud. Been doing a lot of EC integration lately, so why not write about:
    • A4T. What is Analytics for Target, how is it set up and validated.
    • Experience Cloud ID Service. What is it used for and how do we implement it. Also how Analytics uses different IDs.
    • Launch. Examples for Websites and Apps.
  • Adobe Target. Should maybe be higher up on the list, but is harder to abstract:
    • Setup. How to implement it with Launch on Websites and Apps.
    • Testing strategy. Manage testing efforts and get an overview about what is happening and when.
    • Integrations. Show A4T, Segment Publishing, etc.
  • Microsoft Power BI. A new contestant! Some helpful stories about:
    • Basic Concepts. Explain some of the peculiarities of the tool and how it works.
    • Setup. Get it ready and set.
    • Integrations and Architecture. How to actually build things with your data.
  • Elasticsearch, NiFi, Grafana, Kibana. Backbone of most of the things I’ve built:
    • Architecture and Use cases. Show how it can be used, especially with the other tools mentioned above.
  • News from Adobe Summit. Not so much a list of news but what excites me the most.
  • Some fun with Data Science, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, etc.
  • Culture, Leadership, Strategy, Data Drivenness, etc.

Well, that escalated a bit. At least there is no shortage on topics. Let me know if there is something else you would like to read about!

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