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Discussion on: Switching from JavaScript to Golang

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Freedom • Edited on

Had that impact your decision before you even tried to use Go for your research purpose? If you have probably not even touch Go, perhaps, try it without the noise or negative opinions you heard in the community. Does it make your learning process or projects a lot challenging? Once I tried and found it's exactly what Go can do for my backends... and the next release 1.14 onwards will get more performant in certain areas that we thought it was already fast, there more to optimize.

Because some community said so should not impact the curious minds, you are a different individual, live in different countries and it's what you can do for your community with your creative inspirations and ideas just like your avatar.

There is no hype in Go language and it's a time saver with cross-compile binaries.

Remember, products can get obsolete, programming language does not, or C/C++/Ruby/etc would have been obsolete. It's not, because the Go's performance and productivity makes it worthwhile to invest that can replace many small different tasks and CI/CD.

Now "Defer" in v1.14 costs an extra 1 nanosecond compare to normal method calls without defer keyword, that's crazy fast.

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Carlos Merchán

I'm working moving some nodejs code to go because of performance and ease of code reading. What I'm missing are generic and I'm sure many people like me want this feature implemented in go. I know that they have their reasons to not implement generics, but it was a reason that the community is angry with google.

It's a Google language and they do whatever they consider better.