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Jio Mobile Number Check Code

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Jio Number Check Code In this article to know how to find out your own Jio sim number. In this article, I will show you how to check your Jio mobile number via USSD Code, SMS, without using the My Jio app and Reliance Jio customer care. we share all possible method to check jio mobile number so let’s check if these methods

we cover all these topics if you also know these queries we are sharing also these answers

jio number check code

Jio Mobile Number Check Code
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jio mobile phone number check code

Checking your own Jio SIM number by using code is very simple and fast. You just need to dial the Jio Number Check USSD code and your Reliance Jio number pop out. There are other ways like the app, SMS, etc. Let’s discuss all the ways in details

Jio Number Check Code
Find Jio Number Check Code
Jio Mobile Number Check *1#
Check Jio Number Using Code
You can easily find out your own Jio SIM number via the My Jio app. Follow the steps below to know your Jio number:

Download and install the My Jio app from the Play Store or App Store depending on your platform.
Open the My Jio app and hit the “Proceed” option.
Allow all the app permissions and login into your Jio account. (The login process is automatic)
Now, you will be able to see your Jio 10-digit mobile number under the “My Account” section.
Using the My Jio app, you can check all the Jio number details like current plan, Talktime and data balance, validity, data usage, etc.
Know Your Jio SIM Number By Calling Customer Care
You can try out this method if the above 3 methods don’t work for you. Using this method, anyone can easily contact Reliance Jio customer care and your Jio SIM mobile number. Follow the steps below to know your Jio number:

Dial the Jio customer care number: 198
Select your comfortable language.
The customer care executive will once verify all your details.
Once the verification completes, you will be provided with your Jio number.
Find Out All Details To Check Balance & Data Balance of Your Jio SIM
Details Jio USSD Codes
check Your Jio Number Dial *1#
Check prepaid balance & validity SMS BAL to 199
Check 4G Daily data usage SMS MBAL to 55333
Check 4G Data balance use MyJio app
Check your current tariff plan SMS MY PLAN to 199
Know Your Postpaid bill amount SMS BILL to 199
Activate data Plan Call 1925 or SMS START to 1925
Know balance/Talktime *333#
Jio Number Check Code 2021 – FAQs

  1. How to Know balance/Talktime for Jio?
    Dial *333# to know the balance or the Talktime for Jio.

  2. How to know my Jio number?
    You can check the Jio number by dialing *1#.

  3. How to activate Jio caller tune on my number?
    You can activate Jio caller tune by dialing *333*3*1*1#.

  4. How do know Jio number of JioFi devices?
    You can send SMS JIO to 199 and know Jio number of the JioFi devices.

  5. How to know my Jio prepaid balance and validity?
    SMS BAL to 199 and know prepaid balance and validity

  6. How to know my Jio 4G data usage?
    SMS MBAL to 55333 to know 4G data usage.

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