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Discussion on: An Introduction To Blockchain Technology

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Do I understand it correctly that implementing blockchain lets secure data totally recorded in it? Why I ask is, well, I gamble every so often and hence I read about various gaming platforms and trends. So, I happened to read an article about fairspin which is presented as the first blockchain-based gaming platform. And this makes it supposedly totally save since your game statistics are written into blockchain (wins, withdrawals, deposits, and so on). So, is it true or there are pitfalls I should know about (not concerning the gaming platform but the stated way of saving data, its security)?

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Oliver Jumpertz Author

It depends on who controls the blockchain. If it is a public one you are safe. If it is private and the provider controls the validation and moning process they could still forcefully create a fork of the chain and manipulate blocks.

Do you have any information on this?