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Matthias πŸ€– on July 17, 2019

Daily news πŸ“°: This website. No further information needed 😍 Twitter I use Twitter to stay up to date. I really like the new Twit... [Read Full]
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Thanks for sharing. I'm using Grammarly. It's great for checking grammar. There is a Google extension and it works almost everywhere :)


In today's DigitalOcean newsletter, they introduced They have a browser extension too. Maybe an alternative to Grammarly.

Here is an example of

This is also very funny πŸ˜‰


I started to test it yesterday. And it seems better than Grammarly. I like their suggestions as well.

Thanks again :)


Haha, It seems so cool. Possible spelling mistake found "Grammarly -> LanguageTool" I like it :))
Thank you!


That's pretty handy - thank you!

I also updated my article with Grammarly πŸ‘ I hope it's better now πŸ˜‰


Jake Archibald's SVGOMG is essential for compressing SVGs. One of my frequently used sites.


Nice article! Thanks for the, Array/Object explorers and amazing! I'm tired of Google Translator, too bad they don't have an app.

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