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re: Fie! My gifs and outdated pop culture references shall blot out the sun! If it were just me, I'd say I'll douse it for a month to do some homework...

Hmm... Wait, is that the periodic table you just posted? 🧐

Just saying: There are quite a few myths in the age-old debate about proprietary versus open source application security going on these days.
Open or closed, most cryptography solutions are based on a few, vetted and scrutinized standard ways of doing things.

Being Open Source doesn't make your project more secure.
Just think back to OpenSSL and Heartbleed.
Until you have a large enough following of dedicated, experienced developers and mathematicians to actually make a difference, I'd say it's better to keep the bugs in the carpet.

Nobody in their right minds would create a "roll-your-own-crypto" after reading a copy of Applied Cryptography or any other book for that matter, and expect to make something awesome.

When somebody who aren't idiots actually trusts what they've created in this area of work, I tend to assume that it's at least worth checking out as this requires insane efforts as you're obviously well aware of yourself.

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