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Uhh... I thought the whole point of using CLI tools was to NOT need to use a GUI. For something as simple as YTDL, a GUI is overkill. It's slow, less informative and basically meaningless.

As a browser extension it might make more sense, but still, CLI version gives you immediate response, any errors are visible, and it's 10 x more customizable. Just use an alias in your shell.
I have
$ ytdl [address_here]

This is an alias for a tiny shell script with the command line parameters needed to download the movie / clip in the best video quality + best available (and compatible) sound, merge this into one file and store it in a specfic directory on my external SSD drive.
If the address is a playlist, it detects this, I'm prompted, told that this is a playlist, there is X videos in this playlist, do I want to proceed (y/n)?

So why would I need a clumsy GUI??


This application is much more focused on people that are not that skilled with a PC, and have no idea how to even run a CLI application. But still want to be able to download YouTube playlists without having to visit ad-bloated websites.

And as I stated this was also really just an excercise for myself, that I'm proud of.


Everyone should know enough to create a simple alias to a command-line using some arguments to define what to do.
That's all that is needed to work with youtube-dl.
If all you want is to download something, best quality video+sound you don't even need that.


I would say the biggest drawback is electron which means it will be 100MB for a "hello world".

I think there is a target group for that, but my performance oriented nature cant stand hundrets of MB for a GUI adapter ;))

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