Woke Up to a Binary Dev Feed today

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Kinda funny, the two top entries in my Dev feed today:

Alt Text

Something tells me there is a divide somewhere...

Personally I'm part of the second camp.
Never cared about JS, but then again, I was never a web developer.
I started working with long-time C++ veterans and a few "youngsters" (under 30) using C#.

C++ developers rarely mentions the profane word 'Javascript' unless they are absolutely sure that they’re completely alone in a soundproof room.
Some use it as a curse word though, and that's more accepted, like in:
"What the JS are you doing, stupid!?".


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I think the divide is artificial and ridiculous, lacking any reasonal justification. It's just 'JS bad' kind of hate.

Most of the JS haters have either never tried JS or had bad experience in or before the jQuery era, never learning post-ES2015 JS (TS) and modern frameworks.

I'm not saying that JS is the best language ever, but it's surprisingly versatile and usable compared to the fact that it's carrying around all the legacy burden since 1995.


Yes, I know. JS has become a first class citizen compared to those days.

It has its quirks, and sometimes a peculiar way of redefining common logic, kinda like Steve Jobs' Reality distortion field, but indeed,
modern JS isn't half bad.
Better yet, TS is actually close to being something I could consider (and actually have to) spend some time learning soon.

My point was the irony of having those two placed first and second in the feed, that was pretty awesome.
But I do have a strange kind of humor 🧐


It generates flamewars, yes, kind of like PHP (which I totally missed since I started developing a few years ago and decided not to go that way).
Similar: PHP carries around a huge legacy, and thousands if not millions of people have written bad, insecure PHP code over the last decades. I guess it's because a low barrier of entry, you can just "start writing stuff" that can easily turn out to be slow and/or insecure.

And still, Laravel, a PHP Application Framework is in a leading position on GitHub, with 59k+ stars, compared to all of the JS/TS server frameworks except Node (with 69k stars), but that's kinda like comparing a flower to a large ecosystem.

So obviously there is still a huge market for PHP both for large web applications and for the smaller CMS / Blogging sites using the imperishable Wordpress, with its market-share of a whopping 36.1% of all websites on the planet as of todays date.
Out of all websites that uses a known CMS, Wordpress is the choice for 63.2% of those.

So, there will most likely be more than enough work for developers using either JS/TS, PHP, Python or any other relatively upstanding language for the foreseeable future! Probably even for Perl developers doing web app development! πŸ˜‚


That is the hardest I have laughed at any post on dev.to.