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re: Thanks, great post! How would you approach a situation where a team mostly consists of junior devs?

@jason gave a great reply in his comments! I have been in that situation before and my goal is to work towards being able to let go. What this means is that I do my best to provide juniors with all the tools they need to be independent as soon as possible.

Most of the times I let them make mistakes in a "controlled environment". What this means is that there's usually some work that needs to be done that, even if big mistakes are made, the consequences are not a big deal. But make sure to be upfront about it! You don't wanna trick them into thinking they are working on something mission-critical and let them stress out for no reason.

Put them at ease, mentor them and guide them enough so they can start working on their own. What I often did is sometimes sit down for 10-15 minutes to talk through something like state management in React. I give them all the knowledge I have and they usually pick it up and start coding! Sometimes they even find flaws or limitations and we go back to chat about it, every time it's a pretty casual chat nothing official.

But yeah the gist of it is the following: do your best to guide them and provide them with the tools to be independent. Help them become the teammates you can trust which will make your life a lot easier. Working towards the "let go" mentality is not something that happens within a day, you need to work towards that and then...reap the rewards!!!

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