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Gabriel Guzman

I'm a developer turned manager, father of 2, farmer and open source zealot.

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University of San Diego


Software Development Manager at Ubisoft

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What is the best part of being a software developer?

Creating something from nothing.

How to write a high quality post on DEV


What's DNS?

Sure, I can have multiple CNAMES pointing to the same IP addr...

Excluding non-binary people by design: How sign-up forms can lead to discrimination

Thanks for this informative post! So many things we don't thi...


Awesome work! Great to have new contributors to open source!

Goodbye Google

Not necessarily, since the PinePhone is currently running a s...

Goodbye Google

While that does get me off of Android, it doesn't tick off th...

Goodbye Google

Cool, I used to run a nextcloud instance, but it's been awhil...

Goodbye Google

Cool, thanks good to know! I've tried osmAnd but the directi...

Happy International Sloth Day!

Pretty sure the sloth is my spirit animal.

My Favorite Privacy Tools in 2020: Be Safer on the Internet!

Duck Duck Go for searching without being tracked. Privacy ...

What is the first thing you do when setting up a new computer?

Wipe the hard drive and install OpenBSD.

Welcome Thread - v83

Welcome to!

Welcome Thread - v75

Welcome to! Nice to have you here!

Should senior software engineers be promoted to engineering managers?

I'm a fan of the multi-track career ladder for developers. ...

How to Grow as a Developer if You Live in a Small Town

Thanks for sharing!

Back to the Basics: Why a Programmer Moved to a Farm

Very cool!

What's DNS?

Hi Eugene, exactly. A CNAME is basically a shortcut or an a...

Who is hiring? (As of June 2019)

Hi Timofei, we do hire interns, yes. Currently the only op...

Who is hiring? (As of June 2019)

Hi Joseph, we don't have any remote positions open at the m...

Who is hiring? (As of June 2019)

Company: Lightspeed Company site: Positi...

Being A Woman On The Internet Is... "Fun": A Scientific Study

Hey Emma, keep fighting the good fight. I enjoy reading you...

How To Boost Your Productivity & Get Sh*t Done

Great advice, thanks!

My Journey Into Software Engineering

Great story, thanks for sharing!

Self Care for Developers

Hand stretches! Awesome, thanks for that!

What types of features typically lead to lots of tech debt?

Any feature that has to be delivered faster than it should ...

The Hunch: 4 Times I Felt It And 1 When I Didn't, And What Were The Consequences

Thanks Elena! I like your "ask questions" approach, keep t... looking for mentors

Hi @liopash , I am still mentoring there, yes. I've been o...

Programming in the Adult Entertainment Industry is Broken

I'd say led the market is more accurate. Yes, they were ve... is now open source

Awesome! looking for mentors

Right now the interface is more of a free-format text box w...

25 Tips for New Developers: Advice from a (Mostly) Self-Taught Software Engineer

Awesome post, 22 is my favourite! Another great resource...

Security Tips for a PHP Application

As an addendum, I'd add: "Learn about SQL injection." This i...

The codebase will go open-source on August 8

Great news!

The codebase will go open-source on August 8

Awesome news!

Coming Back to Old Problems: How I Finally Wrote a Sudoku Solving Algorithm

Thanks for sharing Ali. I think it's unfortunate that thos...

Code Reviews Are Awesome, Here Are 7 Reasons Why

#6 and #7 are my favourites! Great post, thanks!

What developers want in a job

Thanks Lynne! Love the project and this post about things ...

Do you have any home automation projects in the works?

I've been setting up a "home dashboard" to collect a bunch ...

git bundle


git bundle

Thanks, yeah it was new for me as well! Not something I'll...

Think Like a Programmer??

Yeah, I think I agree with this. The algorithm is somewhat...

Think Like a Programmer??

Happy to help! :)

Think Like a Programmer??

In all seriousness though, to me, thinking like a programmer ...

Think Like a Programmer??

01101001 01110100 00100000 01101101 01100101 01100001 0110111...

Even Though She Was Bad At Math, She Coded

I suck at math and have had what I'd consider a pretty succ...

Choose Your Own Coding Adventure!

Thanks for this Cat! I have a friend who was just asking m...


Yes! I've lived this before, it's interesting to see how f...

The Boy Scout Rule is Now the Scout Rule

I just call it the "campsite rule"

Good Practices - Code Review Comments

I've used phabricator in the past to do "non pr" diffs...bu...

Good Practices - Code Review Comments

Hey Sten, bit of a typo on my part, it should read "Code su...

What are the constraints for uploading an image?


Are Technical Interviews a good measure of software engineering ability?

Yeah, this hits home. I interview a lot of technical candi...

Imposter Syndrome: PHP Edition

Yeah, I agree. The constant hate on PHP gets old. It's a ...

What's DNS?

Glad you liked it!

Often neglected skills new devs should learn?

The basics of IP networking: DNS, DHCP, routes, gateways,...

Open layout vs closed layout? Something in between? What's the ideal office layout?

I think the key is flexibility. Personally, I like to have...

Do you have fond memories of old codebases you no longer work on?

A long time ago, I wrote a personal framework in PHP. I us...

What's your favorite way to version an API?

That's pretty neat, thanks for sharing.

When working from home, how do you turn off at the end of the day?

I have a shutdown ritual. I got the idea from the book "Deep...

Immediate Consistency in Event Sourcing

Ahhh, thanks I must have missed that on my first read!

Immediate Consistency in Event Sourcing

Would using something like a generated UUID work for this c...

git revert, merge commits, confusion

I'm not sure I follow exactly, but I'll play with this and ...

git revert, merge commits, confusion

Ah, this is the piece of documentation I was missing on Thu...

git revert, merge commits, confusion

Thanks for the tip Dag!

I spent 30 years coding full-time, then I switched to full-time management and leadership. Ask me anything.

I wanted to grow my area of influence. Definitely this. ...

How do you arrange your screens/multiple desktops?

I'm of the "one monitor to rule them all" persuasion. I like...

plantuml - drawing pictures with text

I've mostly been using it for sequence diagrams, and yes, it'...