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Discussion on: What If Swift Didn't Exist?

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Gabe Kangas

This is making the assumption that there was something wrong with Objective-C in the first place, and I'd argue that there wasn't. Sure, it has a look, feel and personality that is unique. But languages should have personality. Swift doesn't have one, it's just another language.

If Swift didn't exist I'd still build apps, Xcode would work better, I wouldn't have wasted hours on compiler bugs on each major Swift release, and there'd be fewer conferences.

All of this is true, but obviously tongue in cheek. I like Swift, it finally works fine. But when I go back to write Objective-C Xcode works better, things build faster, and I'm a little bit happier.

Why do I write in Swift at all, then, you're probably asking. Because it's the future, and I might as well be on board. Though I argue that I (and most of us) got on board way too early and wasted valuable time fighting a language that wasn't ready for prime time.

As far as interop goes, it's pretty impressive. If you've ever done any work with other language/environment interop you'll see (generally) Swift's version is pretty seamless.

I recently pulled in an ObjC library I wrote 8 years ago into a new Swift project and it just worked. That was pretty awesome. If you pull in Swift code that you wrote even a year ago it probably won't even build.