Found the solution for bitcoin issues: Securing platform for employees

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The most torturing thing about self-employment may come to an end. We might estimate that this is the absolutely stunning way to solve such a complicating process of accessing to any work takings.


Nowadays the concept of self-efficiency and working on your own without big boss and huge company above a head gets to a point of distribution. People worldwide become more self-assured, self-educated, self-promoted, self-motivated, all in all, everything that can describe any independent person and can be applicable to the word “Self”.

Regardless, a lot of people struggles with some employment hindrances as:

- fear of being deceived or left with no money in bank account;

-problems with accessing for work at all, not even with starting work process;

-executing work obligations without knowing what to expect in result (problem not only with bitcoin system, but very widespread in freelance work system);

-trust issues for remote agreements etc.

The solution of that problem is to build the unique platform, which will allow safely make transactions and sign contracts under most suitable conditions for workers and customers.

Presenting to you our new project service called LaborX!

It’s a platform, which allows people to find crypto jobs and, respectively, can get paid for it in cryptocurrency.

 How it works:

  1. All recruiters will easily find their workplaces and deals to sign for;
  2. Probably mainly important: all payment agreements will be previously processed by special programme, which will lock all funds until both sides will come to the agreement.
  3. It will create the framework of feedbacks and ratings (basing on special mode of analysis and elimination), as a result the construction of your career on your reputation and inner attributes of individual;
  4. It’s also about humanity and abilities to agree, being flexible and communicate with different kinds of humans.
  5. Recruters can find business partners and share experiences with each other.

In the end, blockchains are safe and there’s no worries about false schedules. Financial deals are under protection and you can be sure that your time will be not spent for nothing. Although, every wise human knows: where always somebody, who can pay and somebody, who can get pay, no matter how and for what, so keep calm and do what you love to do with love and compation with help of our thought-uped service.

This project is still in progress and with your help we will take the subject of employment to a whole another level. Together we will create a community of people who can trust, be trusted and equally rewarded.


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