What do Personal/Side Projects Mean to you?

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These kind of projects mean different things to different people. To me a personal project is a way to decompress and relax after work, they allow me to do whatever I want without worrying about annoying specs like browser compatibility and pixel perfect design. I never expect to make money from them and I don't want to.

What do these projects mean to you?

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Side Projects are a trade off. In exchange for more work (effort), less free time (time), and increased daily tasks (pressure) the return is increased production of results (pressure), more developed skills (time), and become more attractive to higher salary positions (effort).

Personally, side projects use to be fun things to try new stuff or ideas. After a decade of almost nothing but web-dev, IT, ops, etc. I just want to go outside on my not work hours.


My side-projects begin with the pursuit to solve some problem I'm experiencing or as an attempt to improve the state of art of "X". I usually then transition to the idea that maybe I can make a small business of out this, but that's extremely difficult and requires a lot of hard work.

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