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My day to day browser is Vivaldi. It's a very customizable browser that is built upon Chromium, so I can also use all the extensions. I like it because it gives me a lot of freedom of where to put my stuff as well as how easy is to navigate around with a function similar to the spotlight for mac os. It also adds nice features like tracking protection and sync.

I use it for android as well, but in this case, is just because I'm already committed to it on desktop so there's no reason to use a different one on mobile.


I use Vivaldi too for basically the same reason — I wanted to get everything out of the way (tabs on the right, address bar on bottom), but I didn’t want to stop using chrome extensions.

The tab group built-in feature is a nice bonus, as well as handoff from Mac to iPhone.


Can you expand the where to put my stuff concept?


Of course. I was very vague about that. This is my browser right now:


As you can see, my search bar is at the bottom, the tabs(with preview) are at the right side and I have Facebook open at the left on mobile-mode. All this is allowed in Vivaldi right from the first set up. I like that freedom and it allows me to organize my experience as I feel more comfortable with.

Vivaldi allows you to customize your browser at your preference. I think that, and the easy to use experience, made me stay with it for the last 3 years or more.

Thank you, I actually did overlook the Web Panels feature. Seems to me that the dials implementation in Firefox is more flexible (I can be missing something on Vivaldi side), but panels are very neat. If you have more tips/hints to share, please do it :)

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