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In my case I ussually do some steps when I'm learning somethin new:

1.) I start to learn from a video course, try to follow everything. As other people says in other comments is pretty usefull to improve your english and for me is more easy to understand. I can recommend you web pages like, Udemy, Udacity or Pluralsight.

2.) When I complete the course, I look for some book that I could read and learn / understand the most dificult parts. I think that video course in most cases doesn't cover the advanced parts, so I look for a book that can cover this parts.

3.) Create a project that help me to practice everything that I've learned, besides doing that a lot of doubts will come to you so you'll need to research, read, and aks about.

This is my recipe that I'm using for several years and It is still working for me. I hope that can help you.

PS: right now I'm learning python from they are offering for now free courses by IBM. Also there they have a path about R, you should check it.


Thank you! I will check it out!

What I used to learn the basics of python was Learn Python the Hard Way. The author has some humour and there is some repetition in the exercises so you won't forget instantly what you learned after you pass each chapter.

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