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Well I was working from home about one year and half, after that I decided to quit for some reason that you wrote above.

I understand you when you say Do you ever miss having co-workers around? because I think it's the part that I miss a lot, when I was struggling in any problem I didn't have a co-worker near, many times I sent a message in chat and I get a response 1 hour later (that not help me). Also is pretty good when you invite other a coffee or tea, because here you can share a lot of thing even resolve code issues.

Other thing that made me change was, that I don't have a private room where I can work and when someone was arriving at home distract me, and many time made me lose the focus on my code.

Another point is that many of the bosses that I had, were thinking that I was 24h/7days in front on my pc, Although I was trying to think that it's like a normal no remote work, It wasn't. That made on me a lot of stress and I colapsed near 2016 new year eve.

So These were my thoughts about working from home, I honestly think that if I had had a private room the story would be different.

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