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Discussion on: Pair programming...or not?

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Do you pair sometimes, on certain projects, or more frequently?
I do it occasionally, especially whenever I do not understand something that someone else wrote.

Do you always pair with the same person?
For the most part yes.

Do you CHOOSE the person you pair with?
Yes, I choose based on who I know has had something to do with what I am working on.

Have you paired with someone who was lazy - or a smartass?
Yes, normally they are the best people to pair with to be completely honest.

Does it ever stop being fundamentally awkward sitting very close to a colleague and reading over their shoulder?
I work from home so it is not really ever awkward.

In your opinion, is it a good practice and one you'd seek out in a new job?
It is a good practice and having someone else watching and trying to understand how your code will work helps you find some of those really annoying bugs you would have spent hours trying to find out.