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Great article, totally how I felt when I started, and still do most of the time. One more difficulty for me is being a junior older than most of the senior in my company :) .
Seriously I have no problem with asking someone younger than me for help, but my coworker (and managers) often forget that I've been a developer for only one year (internship included).

And I think it's another tip : don't be afraid of being humble and remind your coworker that you are a beginner. If someone makes fun of you just tell him or her that it would be more clever and productive for him/her to explain the thing to you than being mean...

I think the main tip for asking for help and avoiding the traditional "read the fucking manual !" is to show that you read it. Show that you tried. Do not say simply "How do I do this" but "I've tried this and this, the problem seems to come from this but I just can't find a solution. Do you have an idea?". It may seems obvious but it's never bad to remind it.


Hi, Quentin, congrats on starting this adventure! I agree with everything you said, thanks for sharing :)

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