Vim/NeoVim advice for a leftie

So I've decided to learn Vi having read some neat thing about NeoVim.
I am however severely left handed and based on my reading the Vi world is as are most things, bias for the right handed. Does anyone have any advice?

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If you are that heavily left-hander that you hit your Return key with your left hand, then yes, you might have issues with Vim bindings... just as you must have issues with any bindings for any piece of software :)

Other than that, Vim is not right-handed-oriented, it is keyboard-oriented.

I am heavily-left-handed myself and use Vim without any problem....

True, the hjkl keys are better on the right hand but never was a problem for me.

I am left-handed but never noticed any issues. As long as can use both hands, you will need them both equally often.
I do have some shortcuts set up, see my vimrc, but none of them is because of being left-handed. This is actually the first time that I thought about this issues even though I use Vim for many years already.

I do have some coordination issues with some fingers on my right hand but I think I going to give it another try with default key bindings. Thanks for the look at your .vimrc

I think the first keys you learn about are mostly hjkl for moving. But as you get to know vi better, you don't use them much anymore because there are faster ways to move around. After that the shortcuts are pretty evenly spread on the keyboard. As long as you were fine using the keyboard for other applications in the past, this should not be any issue for you.
But if it is really difficult for you, an IDE like VS Code or Idea can also be pretty productive.
Also note that my vimrc is kinda messy and in general you should only ever put stuff in your config when you realize that you need it and you know what each line does. But looking at other configs is always a good inspiration :)

I'm mostly right handed and I've been using Vim for the past 8 years. Personally, I haven't noticed such a bias from Vim or many of its plugins towards either.

But, in case I'm wrong πŸ˜…. Not to worry, this should easily be solvable by remapping any of the offending keybindings.

Vim is nothing, if not highly configurable.

I've seen the mapping commands in some .vimrc's I've found but being new to vi I'm concerned that I'll map over something really useful before I know that it's there. I just thought I'd post and see if any lefties out there had .vimrc snippets or advice on re-mapping strategies

Don't worry about mapping over something else. Just try and test the key you want to map. To make sure it's not already being used by something else. That should be enough!

And, if you do end up accidentally overwriting another key. If it's really important, you will find out about it down the road when your knowledge of Vim grows.

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