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Learn how to change your WordPress site's Logo.

gautham495 profile image Gautham Vijayan ・3 min read

In this post I will discuss how you can change your logo of your WordPress site.

This is a part of my WordPress series where I discuss how you can create a WordPress blog from scratch.

This tutorial can vary for people who use a different theme than the Hestia theme I use but the fundamentals are the same.

Login to your WordPress admin page and do as follows(do not go to WordPress dashboard this time.)

Click on the Customize tab placed in the panel which is stuck in the top of the page.

chrome-capture (18)

  • After that click on the Site Identity which is in the panel which just opened after you click the Customize tab.

chrome-capture (21)

Now scroll down and click on the Site icon.

chrome-capture (20)

Make sure you have an image of dimension of 512x512 and paste the image in the given field and click publish.

chrome-capture (22)

You can refresh your website and see that your website now has an icon to it.

And that's how you add a logo to your WordPress website.

This puts an end to my WordPress beginner series.

My next series is going to be about more advanced WordPress concepts like

  • Configuring Yoast SEO.
  • WPforms for form handling.
  • Customizing your WordPress theme to the full extent
  • Using Elementor for more flexible designing of our website.
  • Adding ads to your WordPress website with Advanced ads and insert headers and footers

And a lot more advanced concepts for intermediary and advanced WordPress developers.

Stay tuned for my Advanced WordPress series!!

I am also gonna create a series on React.js for beginners and go to intermediary and advanced development concepts like I did with this WordPress series.

After that I am gonna do a React Native series for mobile app development.

You can read all these articles on my WordPress blog coding-magnified also.

So follow me in and my blog
coding-magnified to get all those content.

Thank you for reading!!

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