Discussion on: The DEV/Forem Team is Taking a Mental Health Holiday 💚

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Gayan Hewa

It's not common for many companies to recognize Developer burnout. For most people, we are just sitting in front of a computer reading majority of the time and typing away a little bit. It's great you guys are recognizing the problem especially given the current situation. It's indeed taking a toll on everyone's mental health. Regardless how tough we pretend to be on the outside. It's a constant battle with self dialog within. I hope you guys find a way to truly disengage from work. I have noticed that it's really hard for me to not use holidays for other programming stuff. Side projects, learning programming related stuff etc Luckily my daughter is big enough to point that it's not a work day and I shouldn't be using my computer and I should be playing with them. 🙇‍♂️