Discussion on: Developing JS/TS with VIM

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Gerson Umanzor Alberto

And now I'm tempted to switch over to VIM, just one question, if I currently use IDE's such as WebStorm/PHPStorm, is it still worth it to switch over to VIM?

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Tim West

I Vim extensions for other editors (VSCode, Visual Studio, XCode).

For me, the primary justification is portability; I don't need to learn all the IDE-specific shortcuts (or make a bunch of customizations) for basic operations such as select a line, delete a line, select a code block, etc. I also have a good editor option for the occasional SSH session.

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Kevin Alemán Author

Like everything in tech: "it depends". You have to know that your productivity will be diminished while you adapt to the new env.
Also, some useful things in WebStorm (like knowing which files are not being used) would not be there when you use Vim. If you rely on those automated helpers, you will have a hard time adapting to Vim.