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Discussion on: Developer Portfolios as Inspiration ✨

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Gedalya Krycer

Thanks for the questions, they are really good ones! And I’ll be referring back to them as I go through an upcoming redesign. :)

Original Goal: To make a React website in one week for my bootcamp homework, but something strong enough to show employers.

Ongoing Goal: As I learn new things (animations, filtering skill section, etc) incrementally add them to the site as a quick testing ground.

2021 Goal: Rebuild site to be more logically structured, feature more dev projects and support my blog.

The design website is actually my old Adobe powered design portfolio site. That is why it is on a sub domain because it is powered by a different platform. (Great catch btw.)

(I was a designer for 5 years before starting development this year.)

I definitely want to bring over the design projects into my React site in the future and structure them in a better way.

Up until this time my motivation has been speed and experimentation over targeted deep user experience. But future plans will switch that, as I’m thinking more of what types of jobs I want to go for.

PDF I will probably still keep as an option, will likely upgrade my About page to reflect more of its information.

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Allison Walker

My comment about the PDF is specifically about downloading it. When I click on it, it prompts me to download vs viewing it on another tab. That seems kind of out of place, in context with the rest of the site.

I've been curious when looking at different portfolios to know how well they serve their creators when it comes to job hunting. I hope your goals/changes work out for you.

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Gedalya Krycer

Ah ok, makes sense now about the PDF. I think it depends on the device. On my phone in safari and chrome it opens in a new tab. On desktop it does indeed download.

Good luck on your research! And thank you for the well wishes.