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Yes, I am sure I want to sign out! Stop asking every time!

geekie profile image Geekie ・1 min read

Does anyone else find it quite annoying and unnecessary that every time you want to sign out of your account you have to confirm that you really want to sign out?! Why is the extra step?

As for the 1 in 1000 incident when I accidentally click "sign out", I don't mind logging back in, instead of having to sign out "twice" 999 times!

In fact, oftentimes I click "sign out" and automatically close the browser tab or window forgetting that I have to confirm signing out because that's what I usually do with almost all other sites. I'm sure other users tend to automatically do the same thing. This may actually pose a security risk for those accessing their account on a public computer.

One "sign out" click is enough! No need for confirmation!

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afif profile image
Temani Afif

and why you want to always sign out and then sign it? isn't this annoying?

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